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In albuquerque now, after a major snowstorm on the way in (traffic was slowed to 15 mph for quite a ways). We're at a lower altitude now though, so the snow isn't sticking.
On our way to vegas to see my grandma.

I keep getting cards in the mail about how hard this christmas must be without my dad, but I think it's a little easier than last year's.

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Like I mentioned at some point (I'm sure of it): I'm writing music again.

So right now there's a couple minutes of new stuff up for listening on Facebook and up for listening and downloading on Myspace.

It's by no means finished and is actually only a portion of what will be a much longer suite, so take it for what it is, but let me know what you think.
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And there we go, almost two months have gone by since last posting here; this is perhaps posted mostly out of some subconscious desire to declare unto the world at large, "I have not yet died!"

My last post of any real note (besides the whole second cousin thing) was about tv and movies; I'll start there.
Since then I've seen No Country for Old Men and There Will Be Blood and they easily score as my two favorite movies of 2007. Knocked Up has been knocked down, as it were.
For whatever reason, I've been watching a lot of Star Trek: TNG. I attribute this mostly to the influence of the reefer.

Been playing a lot of Metroid Prime 3 lately. So has Jim. These things are not interesting fodder for a blog—moving on.

I've finally started working on music again in earnest beyond little experiments in sound production. The song I'm working on right now has these weird, warped drums and some really cool ambient melodies/harmonies based on heavily processed guitar and Mel's new keyboard. Very chill sounds!
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if you're not in the know, i am in california for xmas

ok so here is what went down:
went to bevmo (west coast liquor store thing) with my cousin elaine to pick up some beer for the night.
we're checking out when elaine notices she knows the cashier—tawney. she apparently sees this girl maybe twice a year and didn't know she worked at bevmo.

turns out tawney is like my second cousin or something—my grandmother's brother is her grandfather. whatever that means.
the downright weirdest part is that we also have the same birthday.

i am trying to pull an artoo and figure out what the odds of this happening are but my puny organic brain can't handle it. are the cosmos telling me something?


I realized today that every time I go into a store for Christmas shopping, I get a specific look on my face. I haven't seen it in a mirror yet, but I imagine it as a horrifying combination of confusion, derision and disgust.

I hope that this is a phenomenon limited to Christmas shopping and that I haven't been walking around like this my entire life.

in which i make unqualified statements about tv shows and movies

I just watched Garden State again and I thought it was actually really pretty good. Much better than I had thought back in high school or whatever. I still think the soundtrack was too emo (I'll kill myself if I ever have to hear Iron and Wine's cover of "Such Great Heights" again) and I think there was too much Natalie Portman, but it was good.

I laugh at Family Guy (I'm a pretty easy laugh I think), but I really don't think it's very good. (We'll refrain from discussing American Dad right now.) I was reading some comments that Trey Parker and Matt Stone made about it and they're so right. The jokes are funny, but the writing is so lazy that I am actually a little offended by it. I am left nonplussed.

The Office. I just... don't know what to say about you, The Office. You are so funny and then at the end of every episode you can't seem to resist injecting some pathos and you get Pam at the verge of crying and damn. It makes me sexually frustrated just to watch.

As far as I am concerned, the best movies from the last year:
-Knocked Up
I have a sneaking suspicion that Spiderman 3 might actually make this list if I saw it again and that No Country for Old Men would make the list if I ever got around to seeing it.

Why do people rag on King of Queens? That show was damn good. I think it was also strangely subversive for a show that appeared so formulaic.

I haven't thought Friends was funny since I was like 14.
Alright, that is not completely true. I still laugh at Chandler pretty regularly. And that monkey.

30 Rock is by far the best show on television right now. (Closest runner-up would probably My Name is Earl, but I haven't been watching that recently.) Tina Fey is the kind of writer that makes me want to write. Also, Alec Baldwin is hi-lar-i-ous.

Ugly Betty is not funny.

Speaking of shows still on the air, Weeds and Curb your Enthusiasm have been capturing a significant amount of my attention lately. Curb in particular has been an obsession—I only just recently discovered it and damn, Larry David is funny. The only problem is that I think I am starting to act more like his character and the whole persona is only funny to me if it isn't on television.

Does anyone remember if Murphy Brown was funny? I ordered Season 1 the other day and it should be waiting for me when I get back home.

need to get it off my chest

So my dad has been in the hospital since Thanksgiving morning. His aortic artery got blocked and began to rupture. They had to do emergency surgery to save his life right then. The blockage of the aorta means that he's almost certainly never going to walk again.

There have been complications I guess and right now he's got a ventilator breathing for him. His kidneys are also not functioning well, so he's on dialysis too.

I'm in Spokane to see him right now and it's terrifying. A doctor we spoke to says that weaning him off the ventilator could take weeks. He's heavily sedated, which is obviously after the surgery, but it's so scary to see him laying in the hospital bed, barely conscious. I can't even tell if he knew I was there today. I guess when they tone down the sedatives in the mornings he's been responsive and answering questions, but christ, I can't hardly stand this. I just don't even know what to do anymore.

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I don't think anyone really reads these music updates, but what the hell? (Incidentally, it just occurred to me how strange it is that we replace "why not?" with "what the hell?")

I'm trying to get a Facebook page for my music set up (a new feature, as far as I can tell) because MySpace blows my ass. Eventually my plan is to let the MySpace die out and replace it completely.

Essentially, this is a whoring-myself-out update: if you've got a Facebook, I'd love if you went to Foster Children's facebook and checked out the music (only two tracks up right now, but I'm going to be adding more once I'm out of Vegas and not stealing wifi anymore). If you like the music, add the band. If you really like the music, scroll down to the bottom of the page and maybe Facebook-share it with a few friends you think might also enjoy it.


Foster Children facebook

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